Air fryer fries practice and tips


There are a lot of people using air fryers today, espec […]

There are a lot of people using air fryers today, especially using air fryers to make some puffed foods, because they can make foods that are less oily and beneficial to people's bodies. Many people are willing to choose. In the case of fries, many people think that the fried fries are too fat, very greasy and not very good for the human body. Because the working principle of the air fryer is to push out the oil and moisture of the food itself through high temperature, it is less fat, and people think it is healthier. But many people have also tried to use air fryers to fries, but the final result is not very good.

(1) Potatoes are ready to be in place

The first is to prepare the raw materials, that is, prepare the potatoes. Peel the potatoes into strips. Don't be too thick or too thin at this time. It's usually just like a little finger. Then, after passing through the water for a period of ten minutes, the surface of the water is drained and evaporated. If you have kitchen paper, you can use it to absorb water, then evenly sprinkle with salt and marinate for a while. This is about the preparation of potatoes, it must be done well.

(2) Preparing to make it like this

Generally, everyone uses olive oil and feels that it is not too greasy. But I don't know if you have the feeling that the French fries made from olive oil are not fragrant. It is recommended that you can use butter and bring a milky aroma, which is particularly attractive. Cut a small piece of butter into a small container and place it in the air fryer. At this time, the air fryer only needs to be warmed up for a short while, the butter will melt automatically, and then the butter will be evenly spread on the French fries.

(3) The actual operation is like this

The last step is to put the French fries in the air fryer and do it only. It is generally recommended that you can make two productions, and the effect will be better. Choose two Baidu to make a ten-minute first, then take it out and shake it, then put it in for about ten minutes. Of course, the specific time of the fries may be different. At this time, you can choose to look at the color at any time, which can help you better grasp the effect of fries. It should be noted that the time must not be too long, otherwise the color and taste may be affected.

The above is the introduction of the air fryer fries, I do not know if you are clear? In fact, the whole production is not as difficult as everyone thinks, but there are some skills that everyone must master. The first thing to do is to pay attention to the fries, not too thin, but not too thick. Then if you think that the olive oil is not fragrant, you can try the butter. This taste is better. The last thing is to grasp the problem of time. The time of bombing must not be too long, otherwise the effect will not be very good. This is the whole approach. It should be said that it is very simple to make French fries using an air fryer. The most important thing is that it has the characteristics of less oil. Many people think that this is a very healthy way of eating, so it is also very fond of such a production method.