Is the "air fryer" fried something delicious? Healthy than fried? After reading it, there is an answer...


Is the "air fryer" fried something delicious? Healthy t […]

Is the "air fryer" fried something delicious? Healthy than fried? After reading, there is an answer...

Frying is the love of many people. Many people like to eat fried foods, but people always say that eating fried foods is not healthy, so many people eat that is not at ease. Eating too much oil is really bad for health, but "fried food" has its own unique charm, because fried food is really delicious. This is evident from the number of fried chicken shops that have been on the streets in recent years. In fact, my own words, I feel that as long as the oil used is healthy, it is nothing to eat.

In order to cater to people's needs, that is, they want to eat fried, and fear the unhealthy mentality. In recent years, an electric appliance has been popularized, called “air fryer”. Many people have seen it. This is a good thing. So I don’t want to buy it home. It’s estimated that 90% of people buy it and go back to it. After two or three times, I put it there as a display. Of course, this can't be said that the air fryer is not good. After all, the small appliances that we buy back and don't use very much are too much! You can use it, but you can't have it~ You don't have to worry about it, you don't have to!

Is the "air fryer" good to be fried? Healthy than fried? After reading it, there is an answer... I am like many people. Although I feel that there is no soul in the food that is not fried, I still follow the wind to understand the air fryer. There is only one truth, that is, the fried food, of course, is not the same as not fried! Even if you don't even think about it, you will have the same effect. It is not bad to achieve similarity. However, air fryers also have the advantage that oil is really less. What is the principle of the air fryer? That is to use a small amount of oil, in the high temperature, hot air circulation, the oil is entrained in the hot air, blowing to the food.

So the effect of coming out and frying is almost the same as that of the air fryer. It is similar to the oven, and then add a hot fan to cycle what, in general, is: "The principle is relatively simple, the name is more foreign, the effect is more Chicken ribs. The air fryer is not a bit of oil. If you say that you have a lot of oil, you don't need to put oil, such as chicken wings, and the taste is also ok. But if you don't have anything that is not oily, such as French fries, then the outside of the fries is also coated with a layer of oil.

Having said that, according to feedback from many people, the air fryers are blown out because the hot air is constantly blowing, so the foods that are made are all dry. For example, if it is a skewer, the part that is fried out of lean meat is simply... hard to use. In addition to the fried taste is not as good as the real fried. There is still a lot of trouble in cleaning. Therefore, the advantage of the air fryer is: "The oil is really less, saving money"! Others seem to have nothing else. As for the unhealthy, the high-temperature oil blown in the hot air is the same as the high-temperature oil in the oil pan. And isn't it a happy meal, a good mood, a good mood, and a healthy person?