The air fryer is not worth buying in the end.


Due to the fact that there is frying in the traditional […]

Due to the fact that there is frying in the traditional Chinese cooking methods, many ingredients may need to be fried or oiled during cooking or preparation, so the frypot becomes an essential part of the kitchen. Even if it is a fryer, it can be divided into several types. In so many types of fryers, the air fryer is slightly more expensive, but the slightly more expensive price means the functionalization of the air fryer, so we usually buy it. When the kitchen utensils are used, the value of the air fryer is not worth buying. What is the price/performance ratio of the air fryer? Today we will tell you in detail in the future.

The first thing we want to talk about is how the taste of the air fryer is fried. When the ingredients are fried, the juice of the food will be locked, so the ingredients that are often fried are crispy and delicious, and the inside is tender and juicy. It’s likable, but it’s necessary to watch the fire when it’s fried. If something is fried, if you can’t control the heat, then the fried food will look brown and there is no sale. The juice in the food is also drained. There is no taste, so this kind of food will not be good, but it will not happen with the air fryer, because the oil temperature and even the frying time can be set, very friendly for the kitchen novice.

Secondly, what we want to look at is the cleaning method. The person who really does housework will pay more attention to the cleaning method, because if the frying pan is said to be a big piece, if the frying pan can not be cleaned well, then the time is long inside, inside It will contaminate the food and affect the food safety and taste, but the air fryer does not have this problem, because the air fryer is detachable, the detachable part is not only convenient for cleaning, there is no dead angle, and the air fryer is disassembled. The part can also be completely cleaned in the dishwasher, completely solving the problem of cleaning the oil pan.

Then we have to look at the health problem. In addition to the taste of the food, the more you need to pay attention to is the frying, because when the food is fried in high temperature, the oil will enter the food and there is no draining oil. The oil content that is contained not only affects the taste, but also affects health, but the air fryer does not have this problem, according to reliable tests. The food after frying in the air fryer has more oil than other household appliances. Many people want to eat healthy food, avoid eating fried foods, and eat vegetables and coarse grains for a long time, although for the body. Health is very good, but I have actually wronged my taste buds and wronged the food culture of China for five thousand years, but the existence of air fryers reduces this situation. When we consider eating fried but want to stay healthy, You can use the air fryer to fry, so we can use the air fryer to make the frying afterwards, but the fry does not have too much grease.

The value of the air fryer is not worth buying. According to the previous introduction, we found that the air fryer has many advantages. These advantages are not available. The air fryer is more than the traditional fryer. Hundreds of pieces, it seems that the overall price is very expensive, but the price is very high, so I still feel that the air fryer is worth buying.