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Egg tarts are the children's favorite snacks, especiall […]

Egg tarts are the children's favorite snacks, especially in the days of frost, the weather is still cold, if you can warm a cup of milk when your child comes home from school, "change" a few steaming, sweet and attractive egg tarts It is necessary to be warm and tender in the image of the mother before the start of the strict control of the bad practice.

The above ingredients are so much because the cranberry muffin is the same as the actual egg tart liquid ingredient list:

3 eggs, egg yolk; 150 grams of milk; 200 ml of whipped cream; 60 grams of powdered sugar; 15 grams of low-gluten flour; 10 grams of condensed milk;

Production of egg tarts:

1. Stir the whipped cream, milk, sugar, and condensed milk evenly (I have the mixing function of the cooking machine);

2. Add 1 egg and sifted low-gluten flour in 1 and mix well.

Egg tarts are readily available.

After the egg tart is slightly thawed, it is placed in the frying basket;

Use a spoon to pour the egg tart into each tart and fill it with seven or eight minutes, as the tart will swell during baking;

Cover the lid and select “egg” on the panel function key. The countdown will automatically display for 20 minutes. I will control it with one button. The baking time can be adjusted by myself. According to my favorite burning color requirement, it can be in minutes. Increase or decrease time;

The transparent frying pan can be used to illuminate the oven light during the operation of the machine. The change of the grill in the pan is clear and easy to control the cooking time.

After I started the button, I pulled the kitchen door and went to the sofa to read the book. Leave the lampblack to the range hood to digest it~

When I mentioned the machine prompt, I opened the lid again. It was full of joy, making egg tarts, and the slight tenderness of the suede was my favorite fire.

The air fryer is easier to operate than the oven, and the principle of uniform heating of the hot air is used. The baked food is also heated evenly, and the finished product is quite excellent!